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What is lets you earn from your social groups. We have tools to help groups, businesses, and teams make money. Use our built-in apps or create your own.

For Individual Users

  • Explore: Find groups with your interests, post and contribute.
  • Sign Up & Share: Create an account, post on your newsfeed, and share your personal link
  • Earn Money: Add groups to your "Promote and Earn" page and get money from referrals.

For Group Managers

  • Easy Management: Set up multiple groups and switch between them quickly.
  • Public or Private: Share your group link. People can see public posts without signing in.

How to Earn Money?

  • Membership Fees: Charge to join your group, varying rates for different member types.
  • Content Fees: Charge for special content like videos or articles.
  • Pay to Post: Make people pay to post on your group's newsfeed.
  • App Fees: Charge for using special features or apps within your group.
  • Referral Earnings: Earn 25% of what people pay us if they sign up through your link.
  • Ads: Show ads in your group and split the money with us, 50/50.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up on, click "Create Group" from the Groups icon on the left navigation, pick your features, add or invite users, and you're ready. takes a 2% commission from group earnings. This competitive rate ensures that group leaders retain a significant portion of their earnings.
Yes! With, you can manage many groups from one account.
When someone joins using your link and buys something, you get 25% of what they pay.
If you go over the data allowance limit for the month, an automatic $20 charge will be applied to your credit card for an additional 1TB block. This extra storage won't expire at month's end; it'll be used as and when required. This policy is applicable to both data storage and data transfer. You can monitor and manage your data usage via the Content Library app..
Use's tools like membership fees, content charges, app fees, and ad sharing to make money based on what your group likes.